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How It Works?

Why should employers get THE SERVICE

We don't need much from you

Our eyecare clinic takes two conventional parking bays. We operate a 9 to 5 clinic for usually two weeks, although the clinic remains on-site for an additional week for aftercare and delivery of glasses. We expect our clients to arrange easy access to the dedicated location and ample space to accommodate the clinic for three weeks.

A standard power socket

The clinics are designed to work with standard 16 Amp power sockets, and they are highly energy efficient. We expect our clients to provide a parking location close to the power source and uninterrupted power during clinic operating hours.

We expect our clinics to operate a pre-booked appointment schedule, and customer awareness is key for this. We provide our clients with marketing material (posters and email templates) to inform employees and visitors about the workplace eye test service. We expect our clients to assist in such internal marketing efforts, as far as reasonably practical.

What we offer

  • Experienced GOC registered optometrists

    Latest high quality optometrist testing equipment

  • FREE state of the art mobile clinics

    FREE comprehensive eye tests for everyone

  • Special offers and discounts

    Subsidised DSE glasses

  • Over 600 designer frames and advanced lenses

    Latest designer spectacles and advanced coatings

Employees - 5 Steps to clearer vision

Book a FREE eye test

Approx Time - 2 Minutes

Book an appointment for a free eye test using our self-booking service in a few easy steps.

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Comprehensive eye test

Approx time - 20 mins

A qualified GOC registered optometrist examines your eyes.

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Consider best lenses

Approx Time- 5 Mins

Our qualified dispensers will recommend the most advanced lenses tailored for you.

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Consider designer frames

Approx Time- 10 Mins

Our dispensers will recommend suitable frames based on your face shape, brand preference and budget.

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Expert fitting

Approx Time- 5 Mins

Your glasses are delivered in 5 to 7 working days and fitted on-site by our expert dispensers.

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